The fifth academic conference on nutrition improvement in four places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits held in Shanghai


Sponsored by the China Nutrition Society, undertaken by Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and Shanghai Academy of Pediatrics, the fifth academic conference on nutrition improvement in the two sides of the Taiwan Straits was held in Shanghai. Professor Cai Wei, chairman of China Nutrition Institue Medical Food and Nutrition Support Branch, director of clinical center of pediatric surgeon general of Xinhua Hospital and director of Shanghai Pediatric Institute, took the executive chair of the conference. This conference showed the new progress in both sides on nutrition research area, which provided a platform for communication for the scholars and experts of different regions, promoted academic progress, mutually beneficial cooperation and the sustainable development of nutrition.

Entitled Opportunities and Challenges Facing Pediatrics Development in General Hospital, the tenth annual meeting of Chinese hospital directors Xinhua Hospital Branch held at the Xiamen International Conference Center. More than 200 people across China attended the meeting including Hu Ruirong, deputy director of National Health and Family Planning Commission Medical Affairs and Management Department Medical Resource Bureau, Zhang Wenkang, vice chairman of China Welfare Association, lifelong honorary chairman of Maternity and Child Health Care of China Association, Zhao Zhengyan, secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang University affiliated Zhejiang children's Hospital and chairman of pediatric Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Zhang Kan, director of science and education department of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission and representatives of members of “General Hospital Union of Pediatrics”.

Hosted by Zheng Zhongmin, vice president of our hospital, welcomed by President Sun Kun, dean of Chinese Doctor Association Pediatrician Branch, the conference officially released the white paper on the status of pediatric medical resources for the first time. Hosted by Pan Shuming, vice president of Shanghai Xinhua Hospital, a simple and grand ceremony for launching the Pediatric Alliance of China's General Hospital was held. This alliance is based on the idea of "Sharing, Win-Win and Joint Development", and is committed to promoting progress of Pediatrics in general hospitals in China.