Partner Assistance to Yunnan Province

Our hospital has provided partner assistance to Baoshan People’s Hospital of Yunnan Provincefor two years. The missions of the second and third medical teams have been successfully completed. The members of every medical team are selected by a set of strict procedures, includingearly mobilization,voluntary registration,screening within department, and final hospital decisionafter review and evaluation.By way of six-month diligent work and 180-dayclose collaboration, the volunteers from Xinhua Hospital not only teach and pass the advanced medical technology from shanghai to local healthcare professionals in Baoshan, but also renew the inspiring and exciting story of Xinhua Hospital on the beautiful Yunnan land.

Teaching people to fish is better than giving them fish.Shanghai Xinhua Hospital-to-Yunnan Medical Team(Xinhua medical team for short) continues the good heritage of Xinhua Hospital in assistance to external counterparts. The team prepares working plan of medical, teaching and research work ppropriate for local requirements. The team members not only help relieve pains of patients by way of specialty clinic, joint clinic, and surgical procedures, but also assist the staff of Baoshan People’s Hospital to effectively improve their level and capability of medical technology and healthcare service via teaching rounds,study and discussion of difficult cases, academic lecture,collaboration in writing papers, and involvement in the management of clinical departments.

Xinhua medical team also responds actively to the“Implementation Plan for Medical Experts to Extend Shanghai-to-YunnanUrban & Countryside Partner Assistance”, which is proposed by Baoshan Municipal Health Bureau. They provide various levels of healthcare services in the form of charity service, deliver healthcare to the countryside,serve the patients at home, and medical tour. These efforts have allowed the people in West Yunnan to receive the quality healthcare services of Shanghai experts at their homes.

During the period of the service of Xinhua medical team in Yunnan, Mr. Han Zheng, Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Yang Xiong visit and convey greetings to the cadres, doctors, and youth volunteer representatives of Shanghai in the partner assistance to Yunnan. Secretary Han Zhengaffectionately encourages the people on site to cherish and make use of this valuable opportunity to enrich their life experience. Such experience will benefit them for life. He said: “Shanghai-to-Yunnan partner assistance haslasted for nearly 20 years.This is a glorious task the Central Government entrusts to Shanghai. In the past 20 years, in the course of partner assistance to Yunnan, Shanghai harvests much more than what we sacrifice. A number of Shanghai cadres experience ordealof their life,gain deeper understanding of the real situation of our country and thereality of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We should carefully implement what is informed by the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in Yunnan inspection tour. We should serve as the vanguard and pioneers to make much greater contribution to poverty alleviation in remote ethnic areas, and Shanghai-Yunnan common development.”

Our true feelings do not change in spite of personnel rotation. In response to the encouragement of Secretary Han Zheng, the fourth Xinhua Hospital-to-Yunnan medical team has also been on their way to Yunnan to implement partner assistance. We believe that with the powerful support of the government and hospital, their efforts will definitely make the story of Xinhua Hospitalmore exciting and long-lasting.

Medical aid to Morocco

Xinhua Hospital has been entrusted by Shanghai Municipal Government since 1975to dispatch medical team to Morocco. In the past more than 40 years, a total of 17 medical teams (overall 67 person-time) have been dispatched to Morocco. The members of these medical teamsinsist on the practice of internationalism,and work hard to serve local people. They have cured numerous patients at risk of being infected. They are highly commended by local government and peopleand win honor and reputation for our country.

In 2015,the higher level regulatory department issued an emergent noticeto demand our hospital to form a Shanghai-to-Morocco medical team within 2 weeks. Our hospital has more than 40 years of glorious heritage in this respect. We successfully live up to the expectation, and rapidly pick capable professionals to form the team. The team members are not more than 40 years old on average, the youngest among the medical teams ever dispatched by our hospital.

On October 14, there is a farewell party in our hospital to see the medical team off.Chen Mu, vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine;Sun Kun, President of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine; and Wu Hao, Party Secretary of Xinhua Hospital express gratitude to the team members and their family for their selfless dedication. They hope that the members of the newly formed team take the baton to relay the mission of delivering medical aid to Morocco, and bear in mind the mission to showcare and charity. What the team members do actually represents the performance and imageof Chinese medical team. They expect the team to create newglories. 

Six members of the medical team departed for Meknes, Morocco on 22nd October to fulfill their task of two-year medical aid to Morocco. The team members quickly adjust their performance within 2 days after arrival. They are well prepared in terms of job assignment, short-term plan and work goals. They have engaged themselves into the medical work in respective departments at low profile. The team members from Xinhua Hospital have won wide recognition be local hospital and people with their excellent skills and robust essential techniques. They are devoting their care and charity there quietly and gladly.

Partner Assistance to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Xinhua Hospital has provided assistance to the Second People’s Hospital of Kashifor three years.During the three-year period, Xinhua Hospital consistently supports the discipline construction in the Second People’s Hospital of Kashi,and makes efforts to enable this hospital to become one of the best hospitals in South Xinjiang. In 2014,the Second People’s Hospital of Kashi successfully passed the review and evaluation for tertiary class A hospital by Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The expert panel highly evaluates the efforts and efficiency of Shanghai medical team members in theprocess of upgrading the Second People’s Hospital of Kashi to a tertiary class A hospital. On January 28, 2015, the Second People’s Hospital of Kashi was formally granted the title oftertiary class A hospital.The medical team of Shanghai-to-Xinjiang partner assistance is acclaimed in both Shanghai and Xinjiang for their professionalism and selfless dedication.The team wins the title of “Model Unit of Shanghai”.

In 2015,Xinhua medical team of Shanghai-to-Xinjiang partner assistancehelps the hospital set up a series of standardized clinical services such as comprehensive ICU, Nephrology,Hemodialysis Unit, and Neonatology, and restructures the Imaging Center.A total of 81 new medical techniques are introduced into clinical practice, of which 5 fill the technological gap in Xinjiang, 13are leading in the hospitals across Xinjiang, and 18fill the technological gap in South Xinjiang. Multidisciplinary treatment model has been established preliminarily in this hospital, involving multiple critical and incurable disease entities.The experts from Shanghai make full use of their expertise and serve as tutors to train and develop 47 backbone talents for corresponding departments. Their efforts drive and promote the scientific researches in the hospital. The members of Shanghai-to-Xinjiang medical team have won financial support from various sources for a total of 8 study projects, including those from Xinjiang Autonomous Region Science & Technology Support program, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Natural Science Foundation, and the partner assistance training program of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Domestic Science and Technology Cooperation.With the help of our medical team, the Second People’s Hospital of Kashi has successfully applied 11 scientific research projects from Xinjiang Autonomous Region or local government. The members of Xinhua Hospital-to-Xinjiang medical team have published a total of 47 academic papers, 24 of which in SCI-cited journals. They also help local doctors publish 14 papers, including 3 in SCI-cited journals.It is the first time for the doctors of South Xinjiang publishingtheir papers in high level international journals. Two of these papers are published in the journals with an impact factor higher than 5.It is also the first time for their papers being accepted for presentation in highly influential international scientific conference.

The Second People’s Hospital of Kashi takes advantage of the resources of Shanghai medical teamand “Kashi(Shanghai) Clinical Medical Center”to support the development of local people’s hospitals in four counties, namely, Bachu, Shache, Zepu, and Yecheng. The first medical consortium in Xinjiang is also set up, which involves Kashi Health School, the Uygur medical hospital,maternal and child health care hospitals or stations, and the medical facilities in towns and villages of the above four counties. The Second People’s Hospital of Kashi actively attempts to establish friendly cooperative relation with the hospitals in North Xinjiang, including the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, Yining People’s Hospital, and Xinyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to furtherexpand the outreach of such a new medical consortium of South Xinjiang (Kashi).

Shanghai Municipal Government has paid much attention and provided great support to themedical assistance to Xinjiang.Weng Tiehui, vice mayor of Shanghai,Yin Yicui, director of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, Shi Guanghui, vice mayor of Shanghai,Xue Chao, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress,Xu Zezhou, member of the Standing Committee and director of the Organization Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee have led delegates in succession to visit Shanghai-to-Xinjiang medical team in the Second People’s Hospital of Kashi. They have adequately affirmed the work of the medical teams andexpressed their hope for the future.

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