Charity Events

Year 2016

In 2016, 1119 social volunteers came to Xinhua Hospital to engage in volunteer work, with a total of 4073 times and 13194.5 hours spent, including 8779.5 hours on positions of medical assistance, like self-service guidance, outpatient consultation, counseling and mediation and preoperative escort, and 3952 hours on human care positions, such as ward visits, reading guidance and cultural activities.

We carried out a series of work focusing on the improvement of volunteers’ capacities this year, including over 10 training courses for guidance in outpatient and emergency services, preoperative company, visits to pediatric wards and so on. We also provided suggestions on project improving and team building to leaders of volunteer groups according to characteristics of every group.

    On September 10, 2016 autumn meeting for promotion of volunteer services was held in Science and Education Building in Xinhua Hospital, with the present of some group leaders and key individual volunteers. Social workers and volunteers reviewed the developing history of Xinhua volunteer service group together, thoroughly comprehended volunteer projects in Xinhua Hospital, and had a collective discussion about the concept of specialized and project-oriented volunteer work.

This year we tried to subdivide the outpatient guidance project to achieve "a team corresponding to a service department and a project", which means team-orientation, specialization and project-orientation. At present, the outpatient departments of pediatric internal medicine and optometry have already respectively cooperated with Fudan Keqing volunteer team and Fudan Fengfan volunteer team to set up "achievement of children’s dream", "love team for eyes care " projects, and tried more in-depth, diversified, targeted services based on the foundamental medical services. Services of other departments are also integrated on the original services.
Team-orientation pediatric ward visits have also been gradually achieved. Those previous individual volunteers have formed a relatively stable small team, preparing collectively for work and looking for their own team characteristics.
The theme activity by “Beauty, Knowledge and Action” team in the pediatric blood / oncology department has completed a cycle. The volunteer team of the Medical Social Work Department has summarized the service experience and set a pattern, and the activity has been integrated into the one-year "happy classroom" series to continue to rotate.
Besides, several new volunteer projects started this year such as the dream island of picture books, big different reading company, Mickey Happy House guardians, the small band for wards, preoperative company in the anesthesia preparation room, convenience service center Old Uncle (counseling and mediation), mobile library and so on.

Year 2015

On the 52nd Lei Feng Day, two young medical volunteers are selected from Department of Pediatrics and Department of Pediatric Surgery respectively to participate in the opening ceremony of the 22nd large scale charity service of Shanghai New Star of Medical Community, entitled “Live with Health, Zero-distance Communication”, and the activities of “New Star of Medical Community” health promotion team in youth. The “New Star of Medical Community” is an important brand of youth volunteer service of Shanghai Health and Family Planning system. The large scale charity service of Shanghai New Star of Medical Community has successfully organized for 22 consecutive years since 1994. A number of excellent young experts from various municipal or district hospitals (more than 2,000 person-time) have provided healthcare counseling service to more than 160,000 citizens. Such charity service is welcomed by the general public with powerful appeal.

Large-scale health knowledge lecture entitled “Embrace Healthy Life, Share Happy Family”. 
On April 26, the team of Party members and communist youth league members from Outpatient Branch go to Lvxiang new countryside of Jinshan District, to launch a large-scale health knowledge lecture and counseling activity entitled “Embrace Healthy Life, Share Happy Family”, in Lvxiang Middle School campus, jointly with Lvxiang Women's Federation, for the purpose to deepen Party's mass line educational practice, and strengthen the education and popularization of healthcare and medical knowledge. Both Party members and youth league members participate in this activity. All the participants make efforts by heart to heart and hand in hand and cooperate closely to deliver warmth and health to the public and the door of ordinary people.

For the purpose to further advocate the volunteerism of “dedication, friendship, mutual aid, and progress”, promote youth voluntary service towards the direction of professionalism in Shanghai, and meanwhile provide an opportunity for the physicians of School of Medicine to contribute to society and help others, the Youth League Committee of Jiao Tong University School of Medicine cooperates with Shanghai Municipal Youth League Committee to prepare to set up “Shanghai Physician Volunteer Union” relying on Shanghai Youth Volunteer Association. The Youth League Committee of Jiao Tong University School of Medicine has enrolled five healthcare professional volunteers from the school, who are kind hearted, passionate, and responsible, as the initial backbone members of Shanghai Physician Volunteer Union. From 23 to 27 of June, the volunteers of our school Shanghai Physician Volunteer Union go to Nujiang of Yunnan Province, where Dulong ethnic minority lives, to implement a series of partner assistance and volunteer / public service activities.


Year 2014

Founded just over a year earlier, the department of medical social work has developed internship program for two sessions of undergraduate students majoring in social work from Fudan University, and has won the title of “Fudan University Social Practice Base”.  Since 2013, the department applied for pilot medical social work projects of Shanghai Health Commission.  In 2014, it is the first in Shanghai to accept on-site assessment by expert panel and receive favorable comments.  The department has also passed the appraisal of Shanghai Volunteers Association and become Shanghai Volunteer Service Base.

Patients with the same diseases are encouraged to set up groups such as “brass band” or “hemodialysis club”.  Through group interaction, those patients who will or just have PICC catheter inserted and those who just undertake peritoneal dialysis will be more aware of the physiological and psychological problems encountered in the rehabilitation process of chronic diseases and get professional help. Their anxiety and worry is relieved.  The treatment process is smoother.

    In 2014, the department cooperated with Nephrology department and Pediatric Orthopedics department, launching a pilot program of settled clinical social work.  A “Happy Ward” was set up in Pediatric Orthopedics department to create a warm and healthy atmosphere, provide more humane environment for sick kids and their parents, improve the working environment for medical staff and help to reduce their work pressure.

In 2014, several permanent volunteer service programs were set up, including emergency medical help, preoperative accompanying and reception assistant, etc.  According to incomplete statistics, the annual volunteering hours of these positions has reached 5100, with hundreds of thousands of patients served.

With more than 280 person-times involved, six sessions of volunteer trainings were held. Topics included “Self protection of hospital volunteer service”, “Cardiopulmonary resuscitation skill”, etc.  

Focusing on different themes, the department held various activities, such as “accompany parents to work”, “”feel love, pass on love” flash mob, and “ode to health and happiness”, which were well received by the public.   

Volunteers designed and made a map of "Xinhua life navigation", covering catering, retail, transportation, accommodation and other aspects around the hospital, which is of great convenience for patients from other districts and outside Shanghai.

In order to popularize the work and updates of medical social work, the department opened a WeChat account named "Xinhua hospital social work". People can scan the QR Code to learn about us.

Year 2012:

March 4th,  The 19th large-scale free clinic of Shanghai new medical stars was held in Gumei community health service center. Dr. Pan Weihua of pediatric surgery and member of the 6th session Youth committee, as well as Dr. Li Yufeng of pediatric internal medicine, went into the community to provide clinic services for residents in order to further propagate the spirit of selfless dedication of doctors.  This activity sent warmth and charity to the grass roots inherited from Lei Feng and showed to the society a good image of young medical staff.

August13th,  The youth volunteers team composed of College of Clinical Medicine went to Yan’an to carry out the free clinic service. They brought publicity materials for disease control and prevention, the measurement tools of blood pressure and blood glucose, ointment medicine for skin, etc, and did simple physical examinations for local residents and conducted propaganda about the prevention and treatment of common diseases.

October 20th, Three associate chief physician, namely Yao Di from department of respiratory medicine, Liu Fang from department of Geriatrics and Wang Qunshan from department of cardiovascular medicine participated in the large clinic activity “To care for the old is to take care of yourself” organized by Medical Volunteer Brigade of Shanghai Charity Service Corps, in order to further promote and advocate the important role and dedication spirit of volunteers for social service under the new situation.

October 27th,  A free clinic activity of "Health Express" themed as “light of life” organized by Shanghai Communist Youth League was held in our hospital. As the second stop of the activity, fifteen young medical volunteers from Departments of General Surgery, Geriatrics, Respiratory medicine, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Internal Medicine , Pediatric Surgery, Stomatology, Dermatology, and College of Clinical Medicine provided free examination and diagnosis for more than 300 citizens.


Year 2011:

Jan 25   Leads and entourage of "winter sun" action organized by Shanghai Youth League arrived in our hospital.  Chen Kai, deputy party secretary of Shanghai Youth League, Cai Lamei, deputy party secretary of Yangpu Youth League, Gu Qijing, deputy party secretary of Xinhua Hospital and Chen Lei, party secretary of Xinhua Hospital Youth League went to Hematology Ward with new-year presents to send sincere regards to children with leukemia.

March 5  Cooperated with Jiangpu Road Station of 8th Metro, the Youth League carried out beneficial activities, handing out brochures to passengers and providing free consultation. 

March 5  The 18th “Large-scale Free Clinic by Shanghai Medical Outstanding Youth” was held in Community Health Center of Gumei Neighborhood.  Dr. Chen Sun, vice director of Pediatrics department and Dr. Gen Hongquan, deputy chief physician of Pediatric Surgery department went to the neighborhood and provided free medical service.

May 21  Dr. Yan Ming of Dermatology department participated in the activity of providing free consultation to local people in Jinzhai old revolutionary base areas, organized by Shanghai Power Company, Shanghai Health Bureau, News Center of Shanghai Television Station and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine.  Our hospital donated commonly used drugs valued at 1900.25 to Jinzhai County Hospital.

July 1  To celebrate the 90th anniversary of CPC founding, Dr. Wu Jiayu of Getiatrics department and Dr. Lin Fujun of Nephrology department provided free consultation for the residents of Jiangpu Neighborhood.

Aug 19  Initiated by Shanghai Charity Foundation, a charity project to help elderly with cataract in poor areas of Kashi regain sight was launched, with 3.2 million donation by Shanghai Heng Yuan Xiang Group.  Deputy Party Secretary Gu Qijing attended donation ceremony.  Dr. Gu Zhensheng from our hospital and Dr. Shi Wodong from Shanghai No.9 People’s Hospital implemented the procedures in Kashi.

Oct 22  A large-scale charity consultation for elder people was held in Shanghai Exhibition Hall organized by Shanghai Charity Foundation and Medical Service Corps of Shanghai Charity Volunteer Battalion.  Dr. Chen Tianshi of Cardiology department and Dr. Cai Rong of Respiratory department took part in this activity. 

Oct     Led by Deputy Party Secretary Gu Qijing, Xin Hua Association of Women Physicians went to Xin Hua Hospital (Chongming) to provide free consultation.

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