General Surgery

The faculty of the department of anesthesiology & critical care medicine has 48 anesthesiologists and 12 intensivists among which there are 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 tutor for Ph.D. programme and 5 tutors for MA/MD programmes. The department is responsible for around 30,000 anesthesia cases for all clinical departments and the percentage of general anesthesia is 73%. The anesthetic spectrum has covered brain stem operations, liver transplant, paediatric airway foreign object removal, complex congenital heart abnormality correction, pheochromocytoma, abdominal aortic aneurysm and joint replacement. Clinically the department is among the nation's top level departments of anesthesiology. There are 28 registered beds in surgical intensive care unit (SICU) among which 7 are dedicated for liver transplant and special cases. The SICU receives 1600 patients in 2010 and proficiently masters all the up-to-date techniques with relevant facilities for monitoring and treatment. The pain clinic that the department operates has administered peripheral and neuraxial blockade, chronic pain mini-invasive interventional therapy(including radiofrequency, nerve damage) and intervertebral disc herniation ozone treatment. The successful treatment of acute/chronic pain has achieved satisfactory responses in the society. The department has won a National Natural Science Foundation grant and three other grants respectively from Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Education Commission and Xin Hua Hospital with total financial resource of 800,000RMB. More than ten papers have been published in academic journal including 3 of them in the journals covered by SCI.

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